Photo Finish Friday

Pretty little thing in my neighborhood.
I have one of these that I love. Little Girl gave it to me for Christmas last year.

To get you in the October mood.

These are cool!

Simple and cute DIY. (gifts!)

Look yummy!

Cute and green!

What's in store for your weekend? Pumpkin buying? We wait until closer to Halloween otherwise the deer and squirrels have a feast! We have some activities going on and I have a pile of alterations to dig out from under. I hope you have a lovely one with crisp, fall weather and a few yummy apples! Teresa

Ireland Bag!

My 2 yr old nephew hasn’t quite gotten the hang of this bag thing yet (he’s now carrying his cars around in it!) 

So thank you so much! From Belfast Northern Ireland!

Alana B.

UPDATE: Concow, California Chapter

Emilia in CA got some great donated fabric from Swavelle/Mill Creek and immediately made it into bags! Love! Thanks Emilia! Keep up the fabulous work! Teresa


Stack o bags!!

Let me know if these are good enough. Sadly.... pix aren't my thing I guess. Good thing sewing is!!!

Emilia E.
Chapter Coordinator
Concow, California

UPDATE: New Zealand Chapter

LOVE these bags Olive has been working on in New Zealand. They couldn't be more perfect. Especially love the repurposing of curtains! :) Teresa

Hi Teresa. 

Top photo: Two more bags for our monthly meeting of vegan food group. These ones are fruit themed.

Bottom photo: I am building up my bags to give out a bag to each family at our little church at Christmas. So far have 9 more bags in this collection. Hoping to do 15 to 20. So am nearly halfway through. These bags are made from donated curtain bits and pieces so are quite sturdy.

Bagette Olive
Chapter Coordinator
New Zealand

Russia Bag!

Teresa! Today I received a wonderful "Green Bag Lady" I'm very happy!)) She is now with me everywhere! Thank you so much! You are a good person engaged in the right thing! Good luck to you!

Darina B

Bag #45504

Photo Finish Friday

My yard on Monday morning after 8 inches of snow! Fall + Winter all in one!
Sheep! And this!

Fall DIY.

I need some book suggestions. Got any?

Look yummy!

These too!


We started out the week with snow and 20 degrees and got up to almost 80 today. Crazy Colorado! I love it though. Guess what? Little Man is 13 today. 13! He was 4 when I started this blog. We have some partying to do this weekend for sure. How about you? I hope you have some partying too! :)
Happy weekend! Teresa

Ukraine Bag!

Hi from Poltava!!! Thank you very much!!!!  The bag is great!!!! 💜💙💚💛❤
Maryna M
Bag #45544

UPDATE: Newton, Australia Chapter

Look at these lovely bags made by Anna in Australia to be donated to a food project. Gah! I can hardly stand how perfect they are for that cause. Love love love them! Thanks Anna, keep up the great work! Teresa

Just saying Hello from Sydney Australia. Here are bags that I made recently for members of "Youth Food Movement". Pretty donated fabrics. YFM is a not for profit that works with 18 to 35 yr olds and reconnects them with where food comes from. Very charming material - a donation from a quilter. I rarely get "picture" fabric so this was a fun bunch to work on.

Chapter Coordinator 
Newton/Sydney Australia

Russia Bag!

Dear Teresa, hello !!! The bag that I dreamed of, I received. Many thanks.


California Bag!

Thank you so much for the bags. I received two bags so I gave my sister the polka dot one she fell in love with it.. here is a picture of other one I got with this freebie in use thank you again I love your bags and use one everyday..

Jennifer J.